Mortgage Brokers/Bankers

Unless you are able to purchase a home without a loan, a mortgage broker/banker will be a necessity.  A good mortgage broker/banker is key to the process of purchasing a home.

Avoid potential missteps from the outset by choosing your lender carefully.

The mortgage process is filled with detailed financial documentation. You will need a trusted and efficient broker/banker to help you through that process. You only have to talk with a few friends to hear stories that will turn your head. Don’t be alarmed because an experience lender will assist you and guide you through the process in a timely successful manner.

It is important that you get several references for your mortgage provider and check them out. Shopping the lowest rate may back fire if you are dealing with someone who is not capable of delivering. Ask your lender for his cell phone number and if they won’t give it, take that as a warning that they may not be readily available throughout the process. There is nothing worse than a buyer finding out after weeks that his mortgage cannot be approved because the lender didn’t do their job.

Please contact us if you would like the names of mortgage brokers/bankers who come highly recommended.