How to Sift Through All the Data and Get to the Truth

Market disruptors can be helpful, but they can also be hurtful. Here’s how to use their data correctly.
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Zillow, Trulia, and are all places where consumers can go online and pull vast amounts of data out of thin air. So much data is put in the consumer’s hands, it’s hard for them to make the right decision. We call these market disruptors.

Market disruptors are great tools, but their data should be taken with a grain of salt. They only have the hard data. They don’t know why a home did or didn’t sell at a certain price, or why a buyer or seller paid what they did for a property. The only person that really knows that is the Realtor in charge of the transaction.

So, take all that online data with a grain of salt and combine it with the knowledge of your local real estate professional. Then you can make the right decisions on buying or selling and for how much.

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