Why You Should Always Interview Your Agent

Before choosing an agent, sellers should always ask them questions about their performance, their strategies, their resources, and anything else to prove that they will bring top results.

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Choosing the right seller’s agent will be critical to the success of your listing.

As an agent myself, I recently had an experience that made me reflect on just how important this truly is from the seller’s perspective.

In this recent experience, a potential client was interviewing me before deciding whether to seek my help in selling her home. She was absolutely grilling me, and at first, I took it personally.

When a client interviews an agent, they should be asking everything they can think of.


Then, I remembered how important is for sellers to know who they’re working with. Of course, I know that I have a great track record, but a potential client might not be aware of my stats, strategies, or past successes.

When a client interviews an agent, they should be asking everything they can think of. They need to know that this is a person they can trust to bring them results.

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