In the state of Connecticut attorneys are required for executing all real estate transactions. A skilled real estate attorney will be an enormous asset to you in the process of executing the sale or purchase of your home. Your attorney will enter the process after the real estate agents have negotiated the terms of the sale with both parties. He/she will advise you regarding your protections and rights in the process. They will be responsible for providing contract, advising regarding the contract and for handling all of the funds that will change hands in the process.

It is important that you feel comfortable with your attorney and trust them with your most important business. We advise that you interview several attorneys and inquire about fees, how they conduct their real estate business and how they will work with you to successfully execute your transaction. If you have any special circumstances such as a “divorce” or a “short sale” it is critical that you discuss this with your attorney. It is your choice you will use for an attorney.

Please contact us for recommendations of real estate attorneys who practice in this area and have the trust of many clients.